Shop and café

If you are looking for an original gift for someone, or for yourself, you are bound to find the ideal thing in our museum shop. Alongside art books and postcards we also sell a varying range of products, including fun items for kids. Pop by if you are in the neighbourhood. You don’t need a ticket for the museum to visit the shop.


Our café is a real haven, a great place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a sweet treat. Or to discuss what you’ve seen at the museum over a good glass of wine or a locally brewed Breda beer.

Het Klooster Breda
Apple pie from Het Klooster, a delicious traditional pie with a good story. Made together with people with a distance to the labor market. Moreover, the proceeds from the bakery benefit the living and housing community of Het Klooster Breda where formerly homeless people work on their reintegration into society.

Bakery H. van Haaren

As a 16-year-old boy, Corné took his first step in the bakery guild and since then he has been passionately making the most beautiful and delicious creations every day, including the Bredaas Kasteeltje.

Beers from De Beyerd

We source most of the beers on the menu from our neighbors. De Beyerd is much more than just a pub. It is a versatile hospitality company with a family tradition since 1838. Traditionally a pub, now a specialty beer restaurant and its own in-house brewery.


At ECHT BROOD bread is baked just like in the old days on the basis of flour, water and sea salt. The leavening agent is homemade. In the open bakery you can see how Joris bakes our delicious croissants, just a few doors down from the museum.