Donations and bequests

If you would like to help secure a strong foundation for art and history in Breda, support us with a one-off or regular donation, or include Stedelijk Museum Breda in your will. In so doing, you will be supporting extraordinary exhibitions, projects with impact and purchases for the collection.

If you donate to Stedelijk Museum Breda the full amount donated will benefit the museum. We have cultural charity (ANBI) status, so we are exempt from gift and inheritance tax.

Tax-deductible periodic donations

If you would like to support Stedelijk Museum Breda over a longer period, your donations may be tax deductible. Private individuals may multiply donations to a cultural charity by 1.25 on their tax return, and deduct it from their taxable income. A periodic donation or gift is given to Stedelijk Museum Breda on a regular basis, and laid down in a notarial or non-notarial agreement. The agreement must be valid for at least five years.

Read more about cultural charity (ANBI) status


If you wish to leave part of your estate to Stedelijk Museum Breda, you will have to instruct a notary to state this in your will.

You can name Stedelijk Museum Breda as an heir by means of a contract that specifies what percentage of your estate the charity will receive.

You can also leave a sum of money or a particular item, a bequest. You can set out in your will how you wish your estate to be divided after your death.

Further information

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the options for a donation or bequest in person, please contact Marcia van den Wildenberg, commercial director, e-mail: or telephone 076 529 99 00.