Permanent exhibition

The Nassaus of Breda

Castle, Town and Country

The Nassaus of Breda is Stedelijk Museum Breda’s new permanent multimedia exhibit. Featuring historical objects and art from our own collections, as well as items on loan and the stories behind them, it will offer a surprising look at the history of the town and of the House of Nassau.

Few people know that the grandeur of Breda is closely associated with the intriguing family history of the House of Orange-Nassau, our current royal family. Find out everything there is to know about them: an ancient yet familiar human story of love, extravagant festivities, wealth and poverty, scheming, intrigue, turbulence and conflict.

Visitors will take a journey through three centuries, experiencing the rise, heyday and decline of Breda. The presence of the Nassau family guaranteed the town a prominent role in the Netherlands. Breda also became a breeding ground for ideas that still persist in the Netherlands today.