Tamara Muller – Face me, Play me, Be me

until Jan 5, 2025

Tamara Muller – Face me, Play me, Be me

The exhibition Face me, Play me, Be me takes you into the world of artist Tamara Muller (Wehe-den Hoorn, 1975). Like a magician, she uses natural materials and digital media driven by her immense urge to create. In all her works, Muller herself plays the leading role. For her, the self-portrait is an inexhaustible source. Often, the painted portraits are uncomfortable. You feel watched, stared at by large eyes that seem to expect an answer.

New self-portrait 

In recent years, Muller has sought new ways to express her self-portrait. Trauma and healing are central themes. She draws inspiration from psychological treatment methods to investigate unconscious patterns in our families, for example. Her use of materials also changes. She uses natural materials like jute, straw, clay, and beeswax, and delves into crafts like basket weaving and woodworking.

The game of life 

In a cut-and-paste theater, she alternates between the roles of perpetrator and victim, mother and child, male and female characters. As a visitor, you are invited to participate in the artist’s ‘The Game of Life’. Subjects such as power, guilt, shame, and sexuality play a role in everyone’s life. Watching is participating. It’s your move.

Visual arts and Breda 

Tamara Muller - Face me, Play me, Be me is part of an exhibition program that focuses on artists linked to Breda. Earlier, we presented works by Teun Hocks, Sef Peeters, Martin and Inge Riebeek, Danielle Lemaire, Marenne Welten, Pieter Laurens Mol, Ruud van Empel, and José Maria Capricorne.

Collaboration with Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert

Stedelijk Museum Breda closely collaborates with the Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert. In 2021, we created the exhibition Vanwege Vincent - The birthplace of Van Gogh as inspiration. Annually, we organize the BIJ/NA project in collaboration with St. Joost School of Art & Design at the StadsGalerij Breda.

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