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SBK visiting

From Marius Boender, Ageeth Boermans, José Maria Capricorne and Ruud van Empel to Loek Grootjans and Conny Spuybroek: the collections of Stedelijk Museum Breda and the Stichting Beeldende Kunst (SBK) contain works by artists linked to the city.

SBK visits

A new initiative: presentations in the museum where the spotlight is on changing artists each time. The choice is based on exhibitions currently on display in the museum.
In this way, the museum offers an extra stage for the work of visual artists who are connected to Breda and a large audience can become acquainted with SBK as an accessible way to get art in the house.
In addition to an explanatory text, there is also a QR code, which allows you to retrieve even more information about the artist, the work and SBK.

Conny Spuybroek

The first presentation is devoted to the work of Conny Spuybroek (Drimmelen, 1966). Her series of Brabant farmhouses ties in with the permanent exhibition Ambition & Desire - Breda in the 19th century. With her work, Spuybroek expresses in a unique way her love for the countryside and nature.