Marlene Dumas - The Switch

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Marlene Dumas - The Switch

In addition to the exhibitions, you can encounter works of art in other areas of the museum. For example, in the basement you will find the striking work "Wissel" by Marlene Dumas. There are actually 30 works of art in three rows of ten.


At the end of the eighties, GGZ Regio Breda invited the artist Marlene Dumas to develop an artistic project with clients and employees. She worked intensively on this for several years.

At De Wissel in Breda, Dumas gives drawing workshops. Postcards of famous works of art serve as a source of inspiration. Based on conversations Dumas has with the participants, she makes watercolors, ink drawings and paintings. She depicts their stories and dilemmas, as well as her own personal woes.

In the final work, actually 30 artworks, Dumas combines her own drawings with those of clients and therapists, without naming who created what. The dreamy, vulnerable and sometimes confrontational representations depict longings for peace, forgiveness, love and security. As in a diary, Dumas offers a glimpse into human thought.

The work is on long-term loan from GGZ Breburg.