until January 21


A collage of ink and felt-tip pen, the result of the collaboration between artist Lian Waas and Atena, textile art inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois by Johanna Schweizer and Marieke, jazz with trumpet by Juan Felipe and Frank van der Kooij and abstract art by Arjan Janssen and Bart: in honor of Kunstkameraden's 12.5-year anniversary, you can visit museum space Next for a varied exhibition of 25 works of art by duos.

From linocuts, ceramics and music to music videos: everything you encounter here is the product of collaboration between experienced artists and young people.

In Kunstkameraden, a professional artist collaborates with a young person to create a work of art.

This idea was born 12.5 years ago from the ideal that art should be accessible to everyone. This is based on the realization that art contributes to social and spiritual development. Since art (experience) is not always within reach, especially for young people in socially vulnerable positions, Kunstkameraden actively contributes to this.

Since its founding in 2011, more than 500 matches of artists with young people have been realized in Brabant, Limburg and South Holland. In recent years, several cultural and social organizations have joined this initiative. Also Stedelijk Museum Breda.