Celebrate summer holiday at Stedelijk Museum Breda

until September 1

Celebrate summer holiday at Stedelijk Museum Breda

The renewed Stedelijk Museum Breda is super fun for children and adults. This summer vacation you can come here six days a week for activities related to the exhibitions about the special history of the city and region.
You can also work together with a real artist: sit at the table, tell your family stories and help color the windows that will soon be part of the larger artwork 'Het Speelhuis'.

Workshop: Seeing Like an Animal (ages 4+) 

Join illustrator Djenné Fila in a world full of fantasy and creativity. Discover the magic of animals and the city through Djenné's playful illustrations. Build a dream city for and by the animals. What does the city look like when animals are in charge?

Dates - Choose from:

  • Saturday, July 6
  • Wednesday, July 10
  • Friday, July 12
  • Wednesday, July 17
  • Friday, July 19
  • Wednesday, July 24
  • Friday, July 26
  • Wednesday, July 31

Times - Choose from: 

11:00 AM or 1:00 PM

The workshops last 1.5 hours and are led by Djenné Fila or museum educators. Before the creative work begins, you'll first dive together into the story of the Nassaus and the animals of this time by visiting the exhibition. After that, you'll create a collage. This will become part of Animal City and can be admired in Next for the rest of the summer.


The workshop is for parents/guardians and children: a true family workshop! Children are free & adults pay a ticket price of €13.50 (except for Breda pass holders). With this ticket, you can also take a look around the museum after the workshop. The workshop is only accessible with valid tickets (max 30 people per workshop).

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Next: Animal City 

Visit the project space Next where Animal City comes to life. There, you can admire the illustrations of Djenné Fila.

Extra fun: you can contribute to the city every day in Next. Create and draw your own animals or buildings. Djenné Fila has made various Drawing Starters for you to choose from. So get to work and add your creations to Animal City and watch it grow and change every day.

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Animal Bingo - Play & Search 

Animals can be found in all our exhibitions. Play and search along: can you find all nine animals throughout the entire museum building? After purchasing your ticket, you can pick up an animal bingo card for free at our front desk.

Family tracks at the new permanent exhibitions

Meet the residents of the past. Who lived in Breda during the time of the Nassaus? Who were they and what were they involved in? With the interactive Family Trail, you can learn all about the meaningful history of the city and its inhabitants in a playful way. Bring your coloring page to life in the exhibition or design your own family crest!

These activities are Dutch-speaking