Secondary education

    Visit the museum with your students and kindle their enthusiasm for the history of Breda with a special educational programme, based on the current exhibitions. Every year, Stedelijk Museum Breda organises an exhibition with junior curators especially for high school students in their graduation year: the VO expo.

    VO expo
    Every year, Stedelijk Museum Breda organises an exhibition incorporating the works of school pupils in collaboration with special secondary education in Breda. With this exhibition they want to bring the creativity of special education students to the attention of a large audience. In addition, the pupils are encouraged to take a better look at each other’s work and to think about it. 

    The exhibition also focuses on the creation process, because a number of students are closely involved in creating the exhibition. Together with museum employees, they select the works and think of the concept for the exhibition.

    Customised VO
    Stedelijk Museum Breda has a wide range that ties in with various subjects of secondary education. There are exhibitions and programmes focused on the image, heritage and history of the city of Breda and crossovers of these core themes. For pupils, attention is paid to form, function and context.   

    The museum organises introductions, presentations and guided tours for students. These programmes are based on the current exhibitions. Contact the education and participation department for more information about the possibilities and the current programmes.

    The education and participation department can be reached via 076 529 9900 or at

    Secondary education
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