Partners and sponsors

To discover, preserve and enrich the world of Breda – this is the mission of Stedelijk Museum Breda. In specifically referring to ‘the world of Breda’, we wish to highlight the fact that Breda is more than just a town, with a mayor, residents and municipal boundaries. It also has close ties with the Baronie (the west Noord-Brabant region), Noord-Brabant province and Flanders. Breda is a collection of stories, big and small, a tradition of art and cultures, and a lively network of artists and other creatives. Breda is a world of similarities and differences, from the Nassaus to DJ Tiësto, from the Royal Military Academy to St. Joost School of Art & Design, and from the annual children’s carnival procession to BredaPhoto festival.

By becoming a partner, you will help us to:

  • create and present engaged and attractive exhibitions;
  • ensure we remain accessible to a wide audience;
  • organise events for fellow Breda residents who rarely visit a museum;
  • organise special activities for schoolkids, students and other groups;
  • maintain the quality of the collection, and enhance it with appropriate acquisitions.

We would be delighted to sit down and talk about what form our partnership should take, from brand name sponsorship to a unique visit behind the scenes for your staff or business associates.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact commercial director Marcia van den Wildenberg by e-mail: or telephone: 076 529 99 00.