Early to Late

until June 20, 2019

Early to Late

The Staged Images of Teun Hocks

Early to Late offers a striking overview of Teun Hocks’ extensive oeuvre. Performer, painter and photographer Hocks (Leiden, 1947) became internationally renowned with his staged photo-paintings. For the first time, his early performances, studies, drawings and photographs are shown together with a selection of his later works.

Teun Hocks plays games with reality. He creates his photo-paintings, featuring himself, using hand-built sets and props. Hocks makes analogue black-and-white photographs of these 'performances', which he colours with oil paints. The scenes are reminiscent of everyday situations, but something is always not quite right. You sense things will go wrong. Situations are too absurd, or too beautiful, to
be true.

The early works from the 70s and 80s, largely taken from the Stedelijk Museum Breda’s own collection, show how Hocks developed and perfected his visual language. Props, studies, photographs and sketches provide a fascinating insight into his working methods. Early to late will take you into the world of a masterful artist who has managed to keep a wide audience captivated for many years

'As producer, director and star of his own magical theater, Teun Hocks plays a sacred fool and spiritual seeker in large, funny and mysterious photographs.'
- The New York Times

Hocks and Breda

Teun Hocks studied at the the St-Joost Academy of Fine Arts Breda from 1966 to 1970. With Moniek Toebosch, Pieter Laurens Mol, Marius Boender, Harrie de Kroon and Sef Peeters he formed a group of artists that manifested themselves in the city.

Hocks' work underwent significant development during this period. Most artists of the seventies took
a conceptual approach, but Hocks sought to make his work more accessible. He filmed and photographed his performances, resulting in the creation of his first coloured photos. These works provided the foundation for his later themes and visual language. Hocks continued to live and work
in Breda for over 20 years.

★★★★ ‘Wistful and irresistibly funny’ - NRC
★★★★ ‘A fascinating insight into the oeuvre of Teun Hocks’ - De Standaard
★★★★ ‘Everyone is guaranteed to leave the museum with a smile’ - De Telegraaf

Publication Early to Late (in Dutch and English)

The publication marks a presentation of new work by Teun Hocks in Torch Gallery and the exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Breda. With texts by Carlo McCormick, Moniek Toebosch, Mariëtte Haveman and Dingeman Kuilman. Graphic design by Rick Vermeulen, publication Toch Gallery. Available from Stedelijk Museum Breda, Torch Gallery and selected bookshops.