Marenne Welten - House of Men
t/m 3 jul 2022

Marenne Welten - House of Men


Artist Marenne Welten’s family lived on the Pasbaan in Breda for generations. Her aunt – now in her nineties – still remembers men sitting out in front of what was then the Oudemannenhuis (‘Old Men’s House’). In this exhibition Welten delves into the history of this building, which is now part of SM Breda, and its inhabitants. This brought her the inspiration for new paintings, drawings and collages.

In combination with archival documents from the City Archives Breda and religious objects from the museum collection, an exhibition has been created that brings the Oudemannenhuis back to life.

Marenne Welten (1959) is a prominent visual artist with roots in the city: she grew up in Ulvenhout, attended secondary school in Breda and later went to St Joost School of Art & Design. Her work has previously been shown in museum De Pont in Tilburg (It is not all right, 2014) and Kunstverein GFjK in Germany (No Man’s Land, 2013).

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