In Stedelijk Museum Breda you can learn everything about the city. You will see the highlights of what the museum has collected for you over a hundred years. This also includes contemporary art. In this way you will discover more about life in the city then and about what is happening now. Surprisingly recognizable! Find out what you can see and do in the museum and which collections we manage.

Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum for the city’s heritage and history and for contemporary visual culture. It was created by a merger of Breda’s Museum and the Museum of the Image (MOTI).

The history of Stedelijk Museum Breda dates back to 1903, when the first city museum was established. Since that time, it has built up a rich and varied collection, focussing on developments in and around the city. There are sub-collections on themes like religion, the army and industry. The museum also has an extensive visual arts collection and collections of graphic design and digital visual culture.

We work together with the Breda city archives to develop and manage the Breda Collection.

The museum is working on digitising its collections and making them more accessible. Researchers and the public can access the parts of the collections that have been digitised through the Thuis in Brabant website. 

  • ’t Armkinderhuys en het Arme Weeshuys der Kercken Foundation Collection

    This collection shows what Breda’s orphanages were like in the seventeenth century.

  • Collection Jean Bergé

    This collection of photographs, historical maps and clothes was put together by Jean Bergé, owner of a famous fashion shop in Breda.

  • Bisschoppelijk Museum Foundation Collection

    This collection contains objects from churches and convents of the diocese of Breda, extending from West-Brabant to Zeeland, supplemented by acquisitions and bequests.

  • Hamers IJsebrand Foundation Collection

    The relics, devotional items and other religious objects in this collection are an important addition to the museum’s collection of religious art and culture.

  • Breda Municipal Collection

    This collection consists of objects and works of art depicting the history of Breda.

  • Inbev Nederland BV Collection

    The objects and advertising material in this collection document Breda’s brewing industry.

  • MOTI Collection

    The collection originated in the Graphic Design Museum. Focussing initially on graphic design, the collection moved in the direction of contemporary digital art. In this area, we work together with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

  • Niels Steenbergen Foundation Collection

    In addition to work by the artist Niels Steenbergen, this collection contains a large number of works by his contemporaries from the Bredase Kunstkring artists’ group on loan to the museum.

  • Friends of Stedelijk Museum Breda Association Collection

    Our Friends have built up a valuable collection over the years, some

    pieces are on exhibit in The Collection – 450 Years of Art and History. And
    when the oldest cityscape painting of Breda was discovered a few years ago, it
    was purchased by our Friends. With their support, we also started Project
    Binnenruimte where we enable young artists from the region to create new works
    and offer them a platform for six months

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