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Strutted Cloud

Strutted Cloud

The work of Sef Peeters (Venlo 1947 – Breda 2019) appears at first to be light-hearted and accessible, but this first impression soon makes way for philosophical questions about art and artistic practice. In exploring these matters, Peeters calls everything into question, particularly the meaning of images and words.

Peeters studied at several art academies before coming to live in Breda in the mid-1970s. This museum’s Heavy as a Bird exhibition (2020) was the last major project in which he was closely involved.

Strutted Cloud has elements both of a drawing and of a three-dimensional work, connecting the wall and the ground. The artist plays with reality here – a cloud does not need any struts, after all. And there is also something strange going on with the colours. Peeters has coloured the cloud blue rather than the sky, as children often do. 

Sef Peeters, Strutted Cloud (1981-83) | Installation, polyester and painted wood | object number: G00570.1-5