True Beauty

until August 19, 2018

True Beauty

Where science and art meet

The face of science is continually changing. New areas of research, discoveries and technologies are producing a flow of new images. Sometimes they look like what we already know, but more often they invoke wonder and fascination.

Scientific images make things visible that we cannot see with the naked eye. In the 21st century, while scientists still look through microscopes and telescopes, they primarily use computers and software. They transform information into images of ‘invisible reality’.

In this way, science and art become closely interwoven. Modern scientists, too, create their own images, and determine their beauty and expressive power for themselves. Some give their work an artistic allure that is more at home in a museum than a laboratory.

The exhibition

For True Beauty, we made a selection of the most appealing images from science in the 21st century. Photographs, visualisations and animations by top international researchers are presented together with the work of artists who are inspired by science. Breda artist Hubert Leyendeckers plays a central role in the exhibition. In addition, there are works by Flavie Audi (FR), Franck Bragigand (FR), Herbert W. Franke (AT) Martin Luijendijk (NL), Jan-Maarten Luursema (NL), Barbara Nanning (NL), James Pricer (US), Maija Tammi (FI), Roland Schimmel (NL) and Mels van Zutphen (NL).