Vuelta Breien
6 mar 2020 - 26 jul 2020

Vuelta Breien


On August 16, the start and finish of the third stage of the Spanish La Vuelta cycling race would have taken place in Breda, but this is canceled due to the corona crisis. Fashion designer Maurice Spapens had taken the initiative to organize a spectacular community art project, and was already well on its way to realization.

Together with the inhabitants of Breda he wanted to knit a number of monumental cycling sweaters that would hang on the Spanjaardsgat. We would show the process and progress of the project in NEXT. NEXT is our window to the city; projects are shown here that are connected to the inhabitants, the makers and / or the visitors of Breda.

Maurice Spapens was often present in the museum in recent months to explain the project, to make visitors enthusiastic and to collect knits from all over the Netherlands. The patches would grow into one big piece in 8 weeks. Because of the corona crisis, everything now is different. In consultation with Maurice Spapens we decided to continue knitting.

Red patches are still being handed in every day and people are knitting inside and outside Breda. The project is more than just needlework; it brings people together. The sense of community increases by knitting this artwork together.

"Fifty shades of red, make everybody glad" - Maurice Spapens

All colors of red are welcome. Patches for the 3 red sweaters must be knitted or crocheted with ACRYL. Patches of other red material come in the big sweater. All patches must be 21X30 cm.

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