Project Binnenruimte #1
9 mar 2019 - 1 dec 2019

Project Binnenruimte #1

Margot Zweers


Project Binnenruimte (Project Interior Space) is a new series of presentations in the museum courtyard. For each edition, an artist is asked to create a work specifically for this space. The courtyard, with its grey tiles and green rear wall, is the epicentre of the museum. At the same time, it connects the museum's historical section with its  modernist new building.

Margot Zweers is the artist of choice for this first edition. For her installation Things seemed to be square, she has combined four 'spatial drawings', based on the courtyard’s layout, with casts of stones and enlarged photographs of plasticine objects. The courtyard has been turned into a a life-sized viewing box. Objects that seem solid, may turn out to be flat, and what appears to be the front might, on closer inspection, be the rear. As you walk around, this perspective constantly changes. 

About Margot Zweers
Margot Zweers (1989, The Hague) graduated from St Joost Academy of Fine Arts, Breda in 2012. She was awarded the St. Joostpenning for her graduation work. From 2012 to 2014, she did an MSc in sculpture at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg. In 2014 Zweers received the Hermine van Bers Art Prize. She has taken part in various exhibitions in her home country and abroad. In 2018, her work could be seen at A Pleasant Walk (Kasko, Basel), In Thin Air (Schimmel Projects, Dresden) and We, the artists of Breda! (part I) (NEXT, Stedelijk Museum Breda). For 2018-2019, she has been awarded a Young Talent grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

Publication 'Things seemed to be square – Margot Zweers'
Each edition of Project Binnenruimte is accompanied by a publication about the artist and their work. 'Things seemed to be square - Margot Zweers' (in Dutch and English) includes an interview with Margot Zweers by Brenda Tempelaar. The publication can be purchased at the museum for € 4.50.

Image: Margot Zweers, Things seemed to be square, 2019. Photo: René de Wit

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