Primary school

    Primary school
    • Watch Breda (group 7 - 8)

      Breda has an extensive and colorful history, with stories that have shaped the city into how it is today. Various objects from the exhibition The Collection provide a glimpse into the story of Breda. 

      In the Breda program, Watch Breda the students explore different (art) objects on the basis of a theme. With viewing, thinking and doing questions and assignments they get to know the art and story of Breda. This gives the students a glimpse into history and they are challenged to take a critical look at images and art from the past and present.

    • Artwork Blind date (groep 5- 6)

      In Stedelijk Museum Breda are a number of works of art that are completely fed up. They are fed up with glances and people who only read title cards. They want a fair chance to see if it clicks between them and the visitor. They want on a blind date. 

      In the Artwork Blind date program, students are introduced to works of art and their creators through a blind date. Through this encounter, students are stimulated to look and talk about visual aspects, about the meaning and about their own associations with the work. In the meantime, students discover well-known Breda artists and learn about different art movements. Then of course there is always the question at the end of a blind date: Does it work? Is there a question of (budding) love or is the work of art going a little blue?

    • Image reading (group 7 - 8)

      We are inundated with images every day. This is because we live in a society where technology and media are very important. The transfer of information and stories is therefore becoming increasingly visual. And visual language therefore plays an increasingly important role. 

      In the Image reading program, students learn skills to actively and critically read images. With a viewing card, the students themselves investigate an image.

    • Nassau Walk (group 7 - 8)

      The year is 1567. William of Orange - Nassau is being prosecuted for his opposition to the Spanish King Philip II. Philip William, the eldest son of William of Orange-Nassau, was kidnapped by Philip II and is being held captive at the Spanish court. Can you help decipher the hidden location of Filips Willem? In the De Nassauwandeling program, students go on a treasure hunt in the city center of Breda, looking for clues. On the way they learn more about the Nassau family in Breda.

    • Kunsttastisch (groep 1 - 4)
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