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Are you coming to Breda for a getaway weekend? Or do you live in the area? Start your time out in the city with a visit to Stedelijk Museum Breda. Have a cup of coffee in our Espressobar, visit the exhibitions and have a look around our NEXT project room. From our museum you can step outside straight into the centuries-old city centre. Read our tips here.

Tip #1: Breda station
If you’re arriving by train, the first sight to greet you as you step off the train is the Breda train station. This remarkable building was designed by architect Koen van Velsen and it won the Best Building of the Netherlands award in 2017.  

Tip # 2: Valkenberg city park
Valkenberg city park is beautiful destination that you definitely mustn’t miss. Good to know: you can walk from the station to Stedelijk Museum Breda through the park. The city park was formerly the castle gardens of the Lords of Breda, the governors of the region surrounding the city until 1812. A mews to house the falconry birds of castle residents and their guests was situated at the edge of the park. Today the castle is the location of the Royal Military Academy, which is not open to the public, but the adjacent garden is.

Tip #3: T-Huis
In the castle gardens there also was a tea house that only served the nobility and their guests. Today it has been reincarnated as the T-Huis. Its architecture is a glass cube, designed by John Körmeling. The modern, colourful look contrasts nicely with the historic park.

Tip #4: Aldo Rossi lighthouse
The park entrance is marked by a lighthouse – an artwork by the Italian artist Aldo Rossi. He once exhibited in the building where now Stedelijk Museum Breda is located. The artwork is called The Lighthouse and has a working light. 

 Tip #5: Boschstraat
The museum is located in a street with a rich history. There are thirteen national monuments here, including the building in which Stedelijk Museum Breda is housed. And at number 35 you see, for example, a building with the name Olyton on it, that name already appeared as far back as 1500. There are plenty of unique shops and cafés and restaurants with a great ambiance around the museum.  

 Tip # 6: walk through the city centre
Breda was awarded the Best City Centre of the Netherlands prize in 2017. And if you take a walk around the city centre, you will immediately understand why. Explore the old fortifications on foot or by boat. Climb the tower of the centuries-old Grote Kerk. Or visit the Begijnhof which is over 750 years old. 

 Tip # 7: art and culture
The Club Solo exhibition space is within walking distance of Stedelijk Museum Breda. Club Solo is an artists’ initiative for Dutch and Belgian artists. Here you can acquaint yourself with Dutch and international visual art in a low-threshold way. Also close by: the Chassé Theatre. Plenty of choice!

 Tip #8: festivals
Breda has a busy festival agenda. For example there are the BredaPhoto, the Breda Jazz Festival and Graphic Matters festivals. To see a complete overview go to the VVV Breda website.

Visit Breda
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