We, the artists of Breda!
9 mar 2019 - 14 apr 2019

We, the artists of Breda!

Part III


By offering Breda artists a recurring platform and bundling their artistic forces, the museum aims to increase the visibility of art from Breda.

For this third edition, initiator and guest curator Jordy Koevoets invited artist Sabine de Graaf (1993, Melissant) to collaborate. Koevoets saw De Graaf’s artwork for the first time in 2014, at the graduation show of the St Joost School of Art & Design in Breda. Her super-sized arts & crafts tiger, concealed behind a white-painted wall, is still burnt on his retina. Who does that? Making an oversized cut-and-paste tiger as their graduation project? For the third We, the artists of Breda!, Koevoets and De Graaf have now joined forces. Existing and new work by De Graaf forms the basis for the art installation in project space NEXT. 

During the exhibition period, a combination of scheduled and spontaneous activities are programmed. For example, an obscure video game can be played to your heart’s content, casual pizza lunches will be organised and there may even be a long-winded in-depth interview à la Zomergasten. The website and social media will publish updates.

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