Hidden Messages
10 jan 2020 - 1 mar 2020

Hidden Messages


Hidden Messages shows artworks made by special education students and was organised by Stedelijk Museum Breda and Cultuurwinkel Breda. This exhibition has been made accessible to people who are visually impaired by means of texts in Braille, guide strips in the room and works of art that are made for the sense of touch.

In NEXT, the museum’s project space, you can see (and feel!) artworks by students from secondary schools of special education. Students from Breda College, Het Brederocollege, Visio and De Kei set to work on the theme ‘hidden message’, which resulted in work using Braille script, dreams, fantasies, warnings and secret code messages.

The exhibition also showcases the creative process. A number of students are closely involved in creating the exhibition. Together with museum employees, they selected the works and thought of the concept. 

Stedelijk Museum Breda and Cultuurwinkel Breda want to use this exhibition to bring the creativity of special education students to the attention of a wide audience. In addition, the students are encouraged to look at each other’s work and to think about it in more depth.

Admission to this exhibition is free.

Participating schools: Breda College, Het Brederocollege, Visio, De Kei With thanks to: Cultuurwinkel Breda/Nieuwe Veste and the Municipality of Breda.  

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