Realists - Masterpieces from Museum Arnhem
t/m 30 may 2021

Realists - Masterpieces from Museum Arnhem


Paintings and drawings by Ali Goubitz, Nola Hatterman, Raoul Hynckes, Dick Ket, Pyke Koch, Jan Mankes, Johan Mekkink, Toon van de Muysenberg, Herbert von Reyl, Wim Schuhmacher, Charley Toorop and Carel Willink

The 1920s and 1930s were the salad days of magical realism and neo-realism in the art world of the Netherlands. This style revolves around precisely drawn and painted representations, with clear contours and an emphasis on craftsmanship. Sometimes the paintings create a magical, unreal atmosphere.

After the Second World War, Museum Arnhem focused on collecting realistic art. The museum owns work by famous master painters such as Dick Ket, Jan Mankes and Carel Willink. In addition, the museum redirected attention to some almost forgotten artists, including Nola Hatterman and Ali Goubitz. As a result, their collection is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands.

Because Museum Arnhem is closed for renovation and expansion, a selection of their works is available for travelling exhibits until 2022. The exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Breda is supplemented with work from Toon van de Muysenberg’s own collection and loans of works by Carel Willink and Herbert von Reyl from private collections.

Self-portrait with owl Jan Mankes 1911, oil on canvas 35 x 32 x 2.3 cm Collection: Museum Arnhem

‘I will not be satisfied until I reach the highest achievement in my work, a deeply spiritual work of art, a work of art that is not based on ordinary sensual beauty.’   
Jan Mankes
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