Rocket Launch
22 jun 2019 - 29 sep 2019

Rocket Launch

New visual art from Breda


This summer, Stedelijk Museum Breda will be presenting contemporary work by 37 visual artists that have a connection with the city. The artists, from different generations, work in various disciplines. Some are internationally renowned, while others are at the start of their careers. The selection – by Dingeman Kuilman, General Director of Stedelijk Museum Breda – presents a surprising overview of a thriving, locally rooted art practice in the era of globalization.

The title refers to Raketstart vanuit de Bredase binnenstad (Rocket Launch from Breda city centre) (1965) by Pieter Laurens Mol. This drawing, from the museum’s collection, shows a rocket lifting off from the heart of the city. In relation to the exhibition, the title refers to the Breda’s potential as a launch platform for talent and imagination.

‘An ambitious relaunch’ - Frits de Coninck, Museumtijdschrift (in Dutch)

Rocket Launch is the first step to making the best possible use of this potential. In the coming years, Stedelijk Museum Breda wants to increase the visibility of visual arts from Breda, working together with urban, regional and national partners, and strengthening the position of art and artists.

‘Be amazed and carefree as you walk through this exhibition’  - Mark van de Voort, Algemeen Dagblad, BN/DeStem (in Dutch)

Participating artists: 
Thomas Bakker, Pascal Bastiaenen, Marius Boender, Peter Bouwmans, Iris Bouwmeester, Eelco Brand, Tom Claassen, Femke Dekkers, Dyane Donck, Jacomijn den Engelsen, John van Gils, Loek Grootjans, Arjan Janssen, Peter Kantelberg, Jordy Koevoets, Danielle Lemaire, Hubert Leyendeckers, Atelier la Machine, Rick van Meel, George Meertens, Y. Né, Maurice Nuiten, Romee van Oers, Wiesje Peels, Antonietta Peeters, Sef Peeters, Martin Peulen, Martin en Inge Riebeek, Matthieu van Riel, Johanna Schweizer, Carolein Smit, Frans van Veen, Cecile Verwaaijen, Jaap de Vries, Josua Wechsler, Yuk-Kan Yeung en Margot Zweers.

Images: Carolein Smit, Haas, 2017, ceramic sculpturer. Photo: Winnifred Limburg  Left: poster exhibition, Team Thursday Right: Pieter Laurens Mol, Raketstart vanuit de Bredase binnenstad, 1965, drawing. Collection Stedelijk Museum Breda

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