Peter Kantelberg - Double Images
17 jun 2018 - 12 aug 2018

Peter Kantelberg - Double Images

Location: StadsGalerij, Breda


Stedelijk Museum Breda and Van GoghGalerie present an overview of the work of Breda artist Peter Kantelberg in the StadsGalerij on Oude Vest. In addition to paintings from the collection of Stedelijk Museum Breda and works that Kantelberg painted during an artist residency in Zundert, the show is including a series of new works.

Peter Kantelberg 
Peter Kantelberg (Eindhoven, 1947) paints figuratively in oil paints and beeswax with a distinctive technique. In the 1980s he was a regular at the wellknown Amsterdam gallery The Living Room. After this gallery closed in 1993, he retreated to focus more on the making of work rather than exhibiting it.

Kantelberg studied at the St Joost School of Art & Design in Breda from 1969 to 1974. Later in life he also taught there for an extended period. In 2013 his work was included in the exhibition Stop Making Sense, a retrospective of Dutch painting from the 1980s in the Dordrechts Museum. In 2016 he was artist-in-residence at the Vincent van Gogh House in Zundert.

Over his career, now spanning more than 40 years, Kantelberg has built an extensive oeuvre. The retrospective show and accompanying publication, a magazine with a review by art historian Rebecca Nelemans and a column by artist Loek Grootjans, look back on this. Atelier La Machine made the film Peter Kantelberg - movement of thoughts. This documentary shows the painter at work in his studio.

The project is not only a tribute to Kantelberg as an artist and teacher: the overview including new works reinvigorates interest in Peter Kantelberg.

OpeningThe exhibition will be opened on Sunday 17 June at 3 p.m. by visual artist Renske van Enckevort. Various events are scheduled during the exhibition, such as an art salon with Rebecca Nelemans and discussions about the future of art in Breda. The added value of StadsGalerij being a good location to bring the public into contact with visual art is also discussed 

This exhibition is the first collaboration between Stedelijk Museum Breda and Van GoghGalerie. Our shared goal is to improve the visibility of the arts in the city and to underline the importance of centrally located, low-threshold presentation venues such as StadsGalerij.

StadsGalerij Breda
Peter Kantelberg - Dubbele beelden (Double images)

17 June to 12 August, 2018  
Oude Vest 34, 4811 GN Breda 
Open daily from 1-5 p.m., Thursday evenings until 9 p.m. 
The exhibition is free of charge. 

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