At location StadsGalerij: Practice of Living
29 feb 2020 - 17 may 2020

At location StadsGalerij: Practice of Living

With new work of Peter Bouwmans, Jordy Koevoets en Margot Zweers


February 29 - May 17
Location: StadsGalerij Breda - Oude Vest 34 (within walking distance of the museum) Fridays to Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

Marking the occasion of the exhibition Sef Peeters - Heavy as a bird, the museum has invited three younger artistic colleagues to respond to Practice of Living. Through this installation, Peeters wanted discover where he stood in life: 

"I aim to convey that discovery, or define it, or state it as a problem."

During a working period in the StadsGallery, Peter Bouwmans, Jordy Koevoets and Margot Zweers will create new work that they will be presenting alongside parts of Sef Peeters’ original installation. This exhibiton is a flanking exhibition by Sef Peeters -Heavy as a bird

'Practice of Living', Sef Peeters

Jordy Koevoets (1984, Rijsbergen) 
‘Immunity from nonsense’ was Jordy Koevoets’ creed when he graduated from St Joost Academy of Fine Arts, Breda, in 2011. ‘Nonsense’ refers to the madness and silliness of people, media and society. He expresses his horror (and wonder) in paintings, collages, found posters, texts written in block capitals with fluorescent marker pens. In addition, Koevoets regularly criticizes the art world and uses (social) media to launch playful campaigns.

Margot Zweers (1989, The Hague)
"No two stones are the same. When you make a cast or imprint, every copy will be a little different." For Margot Zweers, collecting stones is a romantic quest. Encounteriung a stone on one of her walks is a special occurrence, especially in urban areas, where there are not many to be found. Once she has found a stone, transporting the heavy, massive thing to her studio in Breda is an adventure. There, she makes dozens of casts of the found stone. Her collection gives sense of the tension between a unique object and a constantly repeated copy.

Peter Bouwmans (1977, Goes)
Bouwmans requires silence, peace and love to create his work. He wants to make the world increasingly beautiful, as a utopian who doesn’t shy away from afraid of themes such as changing social structures and the effects of capitalism. Social criticism is his motive, but at the same time he is aware of his responsibility towards painting. Abstract painting is always central to his work. In 2001, Bouwmans graduated from the St. Joost Academy of Fine arts in Breda, the city where he has lived since he was three years old.

Read here more about the exhibition Sef Peeters - Heavy as a bird.

In collaboration with StadsGalerij Breda. Special thanks to the Municipality of Breda.

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