Niels Lous – Forms of Thinking
14 dec 2019 - 14 jun 2020

Niels Lous – Forms of Thinking


Geometric sculptures full of movement and expression, reminiscent of growth processes, evolution, or the dynamics of the universe. From December 14, Stedelijk Museum Breda will be presenting works by sculptor Niels Lous (Breda, 1939) in the courtyard. For the very first time, a varied selection of Lous's sculptures from the 1970s to the present will be  brought together.

Niels Lous in the courtyard
The 20 sculptures on show at Stedelijk Museum Breda offer a representative overview of Lous’s oeuvre, with works from different periods, in a variety of materials. From architectural steel sculptures such as Omloop (1985) to the organic Intensity, made of hardwood (2013).

Lous has been working as a visual artist for over 50 years. He has developed a unique style of his own, related to Bauhaus and De Stijl. Clean lines, the use of simple shapes and primary colours - characteristic of these movements - can be seen in his work to this day.

“There's a real master at work here” - Mark van de Voort, BN/DeStem (in Dutch)

Concept Sculptures
Niels Lous constructs his sculptures from geometric elements that he systematically repeats or interweaves. Initially, research into form and material was central to Niels Lous’ work, later the philosophical aspect became more important

“I want to express my experience in simple forms.” - Niels Lous

Niels Lous
Niels Lous lives and works in Oosterhout. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts St.Joost in Breda (1958-61), the Academie der Katholieke Leergangen in Tilburg (1961-66) and the Royal Academy of Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch (1966-68).

Niels Lous has had solo exhibitions in various locations, including the Gerechtsgebouw (Court of Law) Breda (1990), Rijksgebouwendienst (Government Building Agency) in Eindhoven (1995), and the Academisch Medisch Centrum (Academic Medical Center) in Amsterdam (1996). He participated in various group exhibitions, including Images on the Scheldt in Terneuzen (2013), and the Jubilee exhibition Kunstkring at Pulchri in The Hague (2018). In addition, Lous made sculptures commissioned by municipalities and private clients.

Works in Breda
At just five minutes’ walk from the museum you can see the rhythmic Zig Zag (1986) in the Willem Merkxtuin and De Kiem (1976) on the Claudius Prinsenlaan. Evolution (1972) on the Graaf Hendrik III Laan symbolizes the connection between the old and new parts of the city.

The publication Niels Lous – Forms of Thinking (in Dutch and English), written by Piet Augustijn, will appear along with the exhibition. Available in the museum shop from 12 January 2020. Price: € 4.95.

Image: Niels Lous – Forms of Thinking. Photo René de Wit.

Art in the courtyard 
Niels Lous - Forms of Thinking is part of Project Beeldplaats, a series of sculptural exhibitions in the museum courtyard. Every year a sculptor from the region will put their work on display. In this way Stedelijk Museum Breda offers a platform for sculptures by artists who have built up an extensive oeuvre. These exhibitions are interspersed with Project Binnenruimte, a series in which one artist creates a new work for the museum each year. In 2019, this was Margot Zweers with the installation Things seemed to be square.

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