The Nassau Monument by Pierre Cuypers
16 may 2019 - 16 jun 2019

The Nassau Monument by Pierre Cuypers


Anyone who walks from Breda Station to the city centre via Park Valkenberg passes by the Nassau monument, a creation of Pierre Cuypers. Until 1812 the park formed part of the castle gardens and was owned by the Nassau family for centuries.

In 1904, a monument to symbolise the bond between Breda and the Nassau family on this historic site was commissioned. Pierre Cuypers, also the architect of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the St Barbara Cathedral in Breda, was chosen for this commission. Looking at the design plan of Pierre Cuypers you can see who the first Nassaus of Breda were and which locations they owned. It also teaches you more about the symbolism in the monument. Many photographs have been taken with the monument over the decades. Photographs spanning the period 1905-2016 show how people have experienced the monument and what role it plays in the park.

Image: Pierre Cuypers, The Nassau Monument in Park Valkenberg, Breda (detail), 1905 

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