East West, home best?
26 sep 2020 - 15 nov 2020

East West, home best?


The Covid crisis has not left anyone untouched in recent months. During the national History Month, Nieuwe Veste, the City Archives of Breda and the Stedelijk Museum Breda are showing the effect the virus had on the city. We look back on the past months, during which the crisis dominated our lives and the word ‘home’ acquired new meaning.

In our NEXT project room you can see photos, posters, videos and poetry, which combine to form an impression of these extraordinary months. With work by: Dansnest, Jiri Büller, Kees van Meel, Bas Linssen, Edwin Wiekens and many others.

At the start of the lockdown, the Breda City Archives called on all residents of Breda to help build a heritage collection about the coronavirus in the city. It has been a long time since we shared ‘history’ with each other on this scale. The call led to surprising results in the fields of image, language and art. A selection of these can be seen in Nieuwe Veste.

It is the third time that Nieuwe Veste, the City Archives of Breda and the Stedelijk Museum Breda have joined forces to create content for the Month of History in Breda. Keep an eye on the websites of these partners for (online) side programmes.

Nieuwe Veste  
Nieuwe Veste has been looking for stories that are relevant today. Old stories that give meaning to the new story, and stories that help us foresee the future. This and more can be found on the theme page.

Practical notes 
More information about the national Month of History can be found via this link. You do not need to reserve a timeslot for this exhibition, because it can be seen in our free-access public area.

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