24 aug 2019 - 22 sep 2019


Rebellious photos, objects, installations, performances and animation


From 24 August, art collective Drift will be in project space NEXT for a month. With BuitenDrift (outdoor drift), the collective shows its work to the outside world together for the first time and presents itself to a wide audience: with provocative photos, moving objects and sculptures, performances and a punchy animation film. Sharing the process is an important starting point for the collective. Part of this is the time spent together philosophising and discussing the making of art and its meaning. 

Drift aims to connect art with people. An exhibition space on Stationslaan in Breda forms the basis. This location functions as a meeting place and experimental stage for contemporary visual art – and everything involved with the arts. Makers, collectors, clients and the public meet and work together. Discover Drift in BuitenDrift and give your thoughts on art a good shake-up with their unconventional presentations and activities!

With artwork by Goran Bjeljac, Hugo Dubois, Hielke van Engelen, Jan Fokkema, Shorshvan Ibrahim, Pieter Jonker, Ad Marijnissen and Martin Peulen, performances by Hugo Dubois and Lea Teunissen and philosophical reflections by Pieter Vastbinder with the audience.

Socratic Conversation Sunday 22 September, 2-4 pm 
The exhibition will close with a Socratic Conversation with philosopher Pieter Vastbinder. Visitors are welcome to participate in this conversation. The meeting will take place from 2 to 4 pm in project room NEXT. Participation is free.

The pinhole photograph represents KunstDrift and what happens there: ‘It’s a metal plate, which has been polished and buffed by some of us until it shone like a mirror. For example, it stood in the Spiegelacademie last summer. Afterwards it was worked on by others with a sanding machine and with metal files, put outside in the rain and later used again as the base for a fire pit. Then the plate was returned to the exhibition space. In the end, a pinhole photograph was taken of it. See the difference between the photograph and the plate in real life!’- Ad Marijnissen 


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