Breda in Aktion
29 sep 2018 - 28 oct 2018

Breda in Aktion


During the Dutch national Month of History, Breda comes into action! By writing aktion with a ‘k’ like the Dutch did in the 1960s the exhibition calls upon the spirit of the cultural revolution of that time. What did the Breda baby boomers change back then, what remains and what has disappeared?

We take a look back on a period of cultural revolution, when organisations and government were not moving with the times and changes in society fast enough. In the 1970s, the countermovement in Breda grew into one of the broadest movements in the Netherlands. 

It all happened first in Breda: the factory occupation at ENKA, the occupation of social academy Markendaal, the first film collective De Kritiese Filmers, political street theatre, and of course the first occurrence of preventative arrests: of 148 people on Queen’s Day 1981. The programme consists of various activities for young and old. For example, Stedelijk Museum Breda will host an exhibition and a holiday programme for children (Brakken in Aktie). Students of the St Joost School of Art & Design are making a new Oelaat (the newspaper of the revolutionaries). The film ‘Breda in Action: Dwarsdenkers en Oproerkraiers’ will premiere. Blind Walls Gallery is making a mural. There are book presentations at the bookstores and activities at Nieuwe Veste, and more. 

Breda in Aktion Programme

Sunday, 30 September – Nieuwe Veste Official opening History Month by Alderman Marianne de Bie Film premiere ‘Breda in Aktie: Dwarsdenkers en Oproerkraaiers’ by Entrop & DeZwartfilms

29 September to 28 October - Stedelijk Museum Breda On 4 October the official opening of the exhibition ‘Breda in Aktion’ will take place in the project space NEXT, which is accessible free of charge. This exhibition provides an in-depth look at the graphic design style of the protest culture in Breda during the 1960s and 1970s.

The museum offers film screenings of the following films throughout the ‘Breda in Aktion’ month: ‘Breda in Aktie: Dwarsdenkers en Oproerkraaiers’ and ‘ENKA mag niet dicht’ in the auditorium.  Times for ’Breda in Aktie: Dwarsdenkers en Oproerkraaiers’: 11am, 1pm and 3pm (60 minutes) Times for ‘ENKA mag niet dicht’ (15 minutes): 10.05am, 10.25am and 10.45am, 12.05pm, 12.25pm and 12.45pm, 2.05pm, 2.25pm and 2.45pm, 4.05pm, 4.25pm and 4.45pm.

Friday, 12 October, Breda City Archives 
Drukkerij Salsedo was very active in the Breda in Aktion time period. Their archive (1978 to 2014) has now been officially transferred to the Breda City Archives. Limited places are available for this presentation. Sign up at

Brakken in Aktie children’s programme 13 to 21 October in the free NEXT project space
De Brakken komen in Aktie! In this recreational programme, developed in collaboration with Graphic Matters, children and their parents can try their hand at making protest posters themselves. 

Thursday, 25 October, presentation of the new Oelaat in Electron
St Joost School of Art & Design students go in search of contemporary idealism and present their work in a new Oelaat. This rebellious Breda magazine was published in the late 1960s. You can vote on the student edition via!

22-26 October will be completed by Blind Walls Gallery
148 protesters were preventively arrested on Queen’s Day 1981 and detained in the now demolished police station on Markendaalseweg, where BN De Stem now has offices. Blind Walls Gallery, in collaboration with St Joost School of Art & Design, is providing a new mural based on this controversial subject at the same location.  

Throughout the month of October attention will be focused on the Breda in Aktion theme at Nieuwe VesteOn the story tables in three branches of the library you can learn more about the times of Breda in Aktion: in words and images. 

Friday, 26 October film screenings by Breda filmmaker Bob Entrop at screening location in Nieuwe VesteFilmhuis Breda will devote an evening to the Breda in Aktion theme. Seven short films by the Breda filmmaker Bob Entrop will be presented, introduced and discussed by the man himself with stories and anecdotes. See more information at

The participants and organisations of the Breda in Aktion project are:

St Joost School of Art & Design  Blind Walls Gallery  BN DeStem Electron  Entrop&DeZwartFilms   Graphic Matters  Nieuwe Veste   Breda City Archives   Stedelijk Museum Breda  

The Breda in Aktion film project was made possible in part by door: De Mastboom Brosens StichtingPrins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and City Archives Breda

History Month: Breda in Aktion

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