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Start your day with a cup of coffee in our espresso bar or enjoy cake, beers and wines from Breda together. Are you looking for an original gift? In our shop you will find art books, beautiful items for every interior and nice gifts for children. You don't need a ticket for our shop or espresso bar, come along when the museum is open! 

The bar has a range of food and drink brands that stand for quality, sustainability and fair trade. In addition, we offer products from Breda, including apple tart from Banketbakkerij Van Haaren and beer from Bierbrouwerij Paoter Gustaaf. The rich Spanish Rioja wines are imported by our neighbours, Wijnbar Dames Pellens.

We don't serve lunch menus, but there are many cafés and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The opening times of the shop and espresso bar are the same as those of the museum.

Museum shop 
Are you looking for an original gift? In our museum shop you will find beautiful art books, special items for your interior and nice gifts for children. And of course a lot of beautiful postcards. Drop by and take the time to look around and be surprised.

  • Publication 'Vanwege Vincent'
  • Unieke onderzetters en sleutelhangers
  • Historische atlas van Breda
  • Letterheads van Van Gogh
  • Biggetje Antonius
  • Kunstsokken

You can visit our museum shop without a ticket and without obligation.

The museum shop is open:
Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

A full-size copy of the world-famous The Surrender of Breda by Spanish painter Diego Velázquez hangs hangs on the wall. The original can be seen in the Prado Museum in Madrid. It owes its nickname, Las Lanzas, to the long lances seen in the painting. 

The painting shows Justinus van Nassau handing over the keys of the city to Spanish commander-in-chief Spinola on 2 June 1625. The surrender marked the end of the strangulating siege, which lasted eight months. It was the last great victory for the Spanish in the Eighty Year’s War.

The copy in the café was painted by Kees Maks, a student of George Hendrik Breitner. In 1903, Maks spent eight months working in the Prado Museum. So as not to take up too much space, he had to fold the canvas in two. The crease can still be seen. In 1978, his widow donated the painting to the city of Breda.

Shop & Espressobar
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